present for baby B

A few weeks ago, we had so much fun spending a Saturday morning with our friends Ben and Abby traveling to yard sales and looking for deals.  Abby is hitting nesting mode, and was looking to find a few baby things (which are crazy cheap at yard sales compared to stores- it’s really mind-boggling).

While I hadn’t been yard sale shopping in a while, I have to admit, spending a Saturday morning enjoying the beautiful weather and time with friends totally pushed me into deal-finding mode.

So, last weekend while my husband was resting from a whirlwind road trip to buy a truck in Rhode Island (he got up at 3:30am, came home at 3:30am), I decided to do a little solo shopping. (note: Saturday morning adventures are significantly more fun with a tall, dark, and handsome man in the seat next to you, but I managed)

At one particular neighborhood sale, I stopped at a house that had two tables of random kids toys- looking like a total flop. I was about to turn down the driveway when I saw this little guy sitting on the back of the table:

If you happened to read #9 in my earlier post, I mentioned using a lantern style light to go with Baby B’s woodland nursery. I couldn’t actually find what I was looking for online, which ended up being a blessing!

I scooped this guy up for a measly $2. I realize that the shade is a little ridiculous, but thankfully, it’s an easy fix. As a bonus, even Zach thinks it’s neat, so it’s officially boy-approved for the nursery.

Baby Sawyer, hope you like your little gift! Can’t wait to meet you!


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