baby brain dump

Part of my recent lack of posting lately can be explained by the fact that, since we found out, my brain has been hijacked with visions of nurserys and cute pictures and random baby stuff. Since we weren’t quite ready to make the big announcement, I just got sort of stuck. So today, let me present:

A bunch of the things I’ve been wanting to pin and blog about and haven’t been able to.

First up, a few of my favorite nurseries. I know I shared the pink and blue options, but we haven’t actually settled on colors. For now, here are a few shots that make me happy:

When your job title is the creative director of J. Crew, fabulousness is kind of expected. I’m a huge fan of this nursery, which belongs to the son of Jenna Lyons. I like the striped ceiling, the uncluttered look, and the quirky, playful touches that keep things interesting.

I love the built-in look established by the crib and flanking bookcases in this nursery shared by the wonderful Erin Gates of Elements of Style. I also love the artwork over the crib. Such a great way of incorporating colors that kids will love without being too cheezy.

I love the unexpected pieces and playful nature of this awesome space.

 Lest you be fooled into thinking I only go for bright spaces, I’m also a big fan of this sweet room from Project Nursery.

I have about a zillion more ideas running through my mind, but I thought I’d share them piece by piece to keep this post from being volumes long. In the meantime, if you have any favorites, I’d love for you to share! I’m happy for all the tips I can get!


2 thoughts on “baby brain dump

  1. Those are all very cool, and speak “you!!” I know your nursery will look even better than any of these, though. I have a few pictures on my Pinterest that I think are neat. My fav of your pics for a girl is the last one. :) I love all of the other ones for a boy. Love you!

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