it’s a…..


We are beyond thrilled with the news that a little man will be joining our family sometime around April 21st. Seriously. Can’t. Wait.

Before our appointment yesterday, Zach and I made a friendly wager. We each took a guess (total shot in the dark- neither of us had any clue), and agreed that the person who was right would get to pick the appetizer at our Outback celebration dinner (cheese fries for him, Bloomin’ Onion for me).

When we got in the room, the doctor first showed us the heartbeat (total moment of rejoicing), and then moved the picture around so we could get a good view of the gender. He asked us what we wanted (we both said we really didn’t care- just a healthy baby, please) but by that time I already knew. It was pretty obvious from the screen shot that we were having a baby boy! Just in case you’re interested, here’s the shot that gave us the proof we needed:

We went out for our celebration dinner- the Bloomin’ Onion was great, and our sweet server even had the kitchen die some whipped cream blue and brought it to us on top of a delicious bowl of ice cream. We spent most of the night talking about middle names (we had decided on both a first and middle name several years ago, but it was recently thrown for a bit of a loop, so we’re considering our options), and had fun tossing out ridiculous ideas…Danger, Carter Finley, Chuck Norris, you know, the usual. The power of naming a person is kind of crazy!

Dinner was followed by a trip to Target to start our registry. I know it’s a little early, but since people have been asking us about Christmas gift ideas, I figured it would be good to get things up and running. I had a great time picking out fun things for our little guy. We’re so looking forward to welcoming him home!

Image via Etsy seller HarperGrace

boy or girl?

If everything goes according to plan and Baby Angle is feeling cooperative, we should know if we are having a boy or girl really soon!

At this stage in the game, people almost immediately ask 1) if I have a feeling (I don’t) and 2) if I have a preference. I’m really relieved to not have a strong preference as far as boy or girl is concerned (even though we would love to eventually have one of each), but there are definitely specific things that I get excited with when I think about either one.


Image via Etsy Seller ClaireBearBaby

I’m comfortable with boys. I was raised by a boy, I am married to a boy, I feel like I get boys. They’re fun.

I’m told that boys love their mamas. That’s good, because I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be kind of over the moon for this little booger.

Saturday morning football/soccer/whatever games (and watching my husband coach them). I may not be the biggest sports fan, but I love the idea of spending a fall afternoon watching a herd of kids chasing a ball down the field. Plus, I secretly dream of being “Mrs. Coach”.

Less drama. For the most part, with boys, things are what they are.

The opportunity to raise a little man to lead with love and humility.

Sawyer needs a BFF.

Tiny man clothes. Seriously, there are few things I love more than seeing little boys dressed up in button-down shirts, suits, or sweater vests. Too cute.


Image via

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m pretty girly. And having someone to be girly with me is pretty exciting.

Getting to see my husband be a daddy to a girl. Even watching him with the girls at school sends me over the top. He is pretty adorably sweet. I have no doubt that she would have her daddy wrapped around her finger.

Girl clothes. Shallow, yes, but the truth. It’s hard not to be excited about having a real, live baby doll.

Stereotype, but as a teacher, I’ll just go ahead and say it: for the most part, girls are more organized. (Yes, not all, but still. They are easily sucked in by cute office supplies and color-coding. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.)

Getting to teach a little lady that she is treasured by her Creator.

The current Angle cousin ratio is at 2:1, boys to girls. It could be fun to even things out a little.

There are tons of other little reasons why I think one or the other might be fun, but I’m so thankful that we can rest assured that whoever it is in there is part of God’s perfect plan for our little family. We’re just looking forward to finding out!

welcome to my crib


I don’t think the nesting phase is supposed to hit until later in pregnancy, but man, am I ready to get this show on the road. Seriously, I think I’ve been nesting since birth. I’m a little bit worried about what that means for my poor husband once the real phase kicks into gear.

Since there’s not much we can do before knowing the gender (and where we’ll be living), I’m mostly settling for looking at zillions of amazing ideas.

As weird as it may sound, one thing that I have been trying to decide on before the big gender reveal is the crib. Ok, yes, part of this is because I’m just dying to start on something, but there is also strategy involved. Since we’re wanting to reuse as much as we can from this baby to the next, I’m trying to keep the larger items as gender-neutral as possible. Therefore, I feel like choosing a crib before we actually know what we’re having is a good way to make an unbiased decision rather than one that is tainted by a room plan. But man, has it been a challenge.

Here’s what I’ve thought of so far:

Craigslist: out. There are some deals to be had, but with the recent drop-side ban and our plans to use this crib for years, I’m thinking that buying new is a worthwhile investment (particularly since none of the cribs I’m considering will break the bank).

I know that I want a crib that can work either against the wall or away from it. I lean towards this style anyways, but since we’re not exactly sure what the baby’s room will look like space-wise, it also seems like the most flexible option.

First of all, let me just say: I am totally head-over-heels for this crib:

The only little problem is that it’s discontinued. Not to mention that if it were still for sale it would probably cost approximately $8,000.

That being said, if you have one (Pottery Barn Kids Harper) that you want to sell me, let me know.

On the realistic side of things, I have always been a fan of the classic style of Jenny Lind cribs. I think it’s pretty clear from my previous post and my recent Pinterest madness that I kind of love them.

I’ve always thought of a white Jenny Lind crib as the quintessential nursery item, but I especially love the fresh, modern feel that a glossy black finish adds.

In addition to the classics, I also really like cribs with a little unexpected color. I love that gray is different, but still versatile enough to work for lots of spaces. I really like both the gray and the white versions of this crib. The clean, modern lines make it versatile enough for lots of different spaces.

I think I may have come to a decision, but I’m pretty notorious for changing my mind. Hopefully this baby will have some place to sleep come April.

recent happenings in my brain

Just popping in for a little Thursday afternoon update on random randomness.

Baby Angle is currently the size of an apple (15 weeks). I love that we’ve recently graduated into the produce category as opposed to the lentil comparisons that were being made in the beginning.

In related news, I have been eating peanut butter and apples like it’s my job. I’ve always been one to go on weird food kicks for extended periods of time (Turkey sandwiches with ketchup basically got me through college. Yes, I know.), so I don’t know if it’s a pregnancy thing or not. In either case, given the current size comparison, I like mentally noting to Baby Angle that, “You are what you eat.” (or, what I eat.)

Zach and I recently started watching Parenthood on Netflix and we both love it.

I have been trying to get used to sleeping on my side and I’m not a fan. Benadryl and I have become close friends. I also read that you can try to surround yourself with pillows, but my husband isn’t really a fan of that strategy. Plus, I don’t want to end up like this guy.

I had jury duty Monday and Tuesday, which was surprisingly enjoyable. I was pretty fascinated by the system, and I loved listening to the lawyers ask questions and get to the bottom of things. Zach and I also had fun joking about me as the “Rur Jur”:

And, that about wraps up the spastic mess that is my brain as of late. Looking forward to the weekend!

2.5 months

So if you look back through previous posts, you may have picked up on something: my BFF is expecting her baby boy just 10 measly weeks before Baby Angle is supposed to grace us with his/her presence.

Um, hello, we’ve dreamed about this since we were 16.

I’m super excited about having a baby, and am thrilled that I’ll get to share in all of the new motherhood craziness with someone that has seen me through what feels like a lifetime of laughter, tears, and fantastic memories.

This past weekend, I had the privilege of helping to host a shower for Abby. It was so much fun to be able to celebrate the amazing blessing of Baby Sawyer, and I thought I’d share a glimpse into what the morning held.

We tried to tie some of the decorations into the nursery decor. I’m a huge fan of using things we have on hand or that can be reused later, and once I saw this twine-covered letter on Pinterest, I knew that it would fit right in with the rustic details of Baby B’s room. As a bonus, it was a fun way to set the mood as guests came in the door.

I found the drink dispenser at a yard sale a while back, and the crate (also inspired by the nursery ideaboard I came up with) was being used upstairs in our house. It not only fit the tone of the shower, but also propped up the dispenser for easy fill-ups.

Clearly, I did not invent the idea of the laundry line banner. As unoriginal as it may be, I love it. Just the right amounts of sweet and functional, and also a great way to tie in (no pun intended) the twine from the front door.

In lieu of a guest book, we decided to print off a fingerprint tree. I found a free one from One Fab Day that I absolutely love.

Since it was a morning shower, we decided to keep the food breakfasty. Bagels, breakfast casserole, and this amazing fruit salsa  that Debbie made (cheater shortcut tip: Trader Joe’s sells cinnamon pita chips that are the perfect substitute if you don’t have time to make the chips).

Debbie also made adorable pacifier cupcakes that were a total hit.

Sawyer was showered with some great gifts, and I was absolutely taking mental notes for our own registry.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without getting a photo with the beautiful mother-to-be during this exciting time in our lives. Isn’t she adorable?