boy or girl?

If everything goes according to plan and Baby Angle is feeling cooperative, we should know if we are having a boy or girl really soon!

At this stage in the game, people almost immediately ask 1) if I have a feeling (I don’t) and 2) if I have a preference. I’m really relieved to not have a strong preference as far as boy or girl is concerned (even though we would love to eventually have one of each), but there are definitely specific things that I get excited with when I think about either one.


Image via Etsy Seller ClaireBearBaby

I’m comfortable with boys. I was raised by a boy, I am married to a boy, I feel like I get boys. They’re fun.

I’m told that boys love their mamas. That’s good, because I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be kind of over the moon for this little booger.

Saturday morning football/soccer/whatever games (and watching my husband coach them). I may not be the biggest sports fan, but I love the idea of spending a fall afternoon watching a herd of kids chasing a ball down the field. Plus, I secretly dream of being “Mrs. Coach”.

Less drama. For the most part, with boys, things are what they are.

The opportunity to raise a little man to lead with love and humility.

Sawyer needs a BFF.

Tiny man clothes. Seriously, there are few things I love more than seeing little boys dressed up in button-down shirts, suits, or sweater vests. Too cute.


Image via

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m pretty girly. And having someone to be girly with me is pretty exciting.

Getting to see my husband be a daddy to a girl. Even watching him with the girls at school sends me over the top. He is pretty adorably sweet. I have no doubt that she would have her daddy wrapped around her finger.

Girl clothes. Shallow, yes, but the truth. It’s hard not to be excited about having a real, live baby doll.

Stereotype, but as a teacher, I’ll just go ahead and say it: for the most part, girls are more organized. (Yes, not all, but still. They are easily sucked in by cute office supplies and color-coding. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.)

Getting to teach a little lady that she is treasured by her Creator.

The current Angle cousin ratio is at 2:1, boys to girls. It could be fun to even things out a little.

There are tons of other little reasons why I think one or the other might be fun, but I’m so thankful that we can rest assured that whoever it is in there is part of God’s perfect plan for our little family. We’re just looking forward to finding out!


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