it’s a…..


We are beyond thrilled with the news that a little man will be joining our family sometime around April 21st. Seriously. Can’t. Wait.

Before our appointment yesterday, Zach and I made a friendly wager. We each took a guess (total shot in the dark- neither of us had any clue), and agreed that the person who was right would get to pick the appetizer at our Outback celebration dinner (cheese fries for him, Bloomin’ Onion for me).

When we got in the room, the doctor first showed us the heartbeat (total moment of rejoicing), and then moved the picture around so we could get a good view of the gender. He asked us what we wanted (we both said we really didn’t care- just a healthy baby, please) but by that time I already knew. It was pretty obvious from the screen shot that we were having a baby boy! Just in case you’re interested, here’s the shot that gave us the proof we needed:

We went out for our celebration dinner- the Bloomin’ Onion was great, and our sweet server even had the kitchen die some whipped cream blue and brought it to us on top of a delicious bowl of ice cream. We spent most of the night talking about middle names (we had decided on both a first and middle name several years ago, but it was recently thrown for a bit of a loop, so we’re considering our options), and had fun tossing out ridiculous ideas…Danger, Carter Finley, Chuck Norris, you know, the usual. The power of naming a person is kind of crazy!

Dinner was followed by a trip to Target to start our registry. I know it’s a little early, but since people have been asking us about Christmas gift ideas, I figured it would be good to get things up and running. I had a great time picking out fun things for our little guy. We’re so looking forward to welcoming him home!

Image via Etsy seller HarperGrace


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