When I was telling you about my Christmas presents the other day, I failed to mention my big gift from Zach.

Partly inspired by one of my favorite places to get an after school treat, an old cash register has been on my wish list for quite some time. The only problem is, those things cost a pretty penny.

A few months ago, Zach and I were at an estate sale, when I spotted one in the basement. Much like others we’ve seen, the price was nowhere near anything we’d be filling to pay- a whopping $375.

Thankfully, I was happy to discover that the particular sale we were at was accepting silent bids, and any item not sold would go to the highest bidder. We figured it was worth a short, so we wrote a total lowball offer on an index card and hoped for the best.

A few hours later, we got a call that said we were the proud new owners of a super cool vintage cash register. Zach went and picked it up (since it was my Christmas present), and it’s been hanging out in our living room since then.

 I love the quirky, industrial look, and the warm wood tones inside the drawers. It’s fun to watch people play store (it’s like Fisher Price for grown-ups) when they come over, and we like alternating the numbers based on the day or our mood. I had the “No Sale” sign up for a while just because it made me laugh, but we decided the “$.1” might be better for showings.


It might not be diamonds, but it’s just the kind og bling I like. Way to go, Husband, for such a fun gift!


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