blue and white stripes

So, I realize that about two weeks ago I said that I would be back with more blue and white striped fun, and I actually wrote the post and everything, but little did I know that January 2012 would soon become one of the busiest (strike that, the absolute busiest) time in my life. Fantastically, wonderfully busy (details soon to come), but so crazy that I apparently can’t even be trusted to hit “Publish” on a post I’ve already written.
So finally, I’m back with a roundup of one of my favorite patterns as it appears pretty much all over my dream house (and by that I mean the one I’ve created on Pinterest). Actually, I created this post before Christmas, then forgot about it completely. Such is life right now.
First up, the bedroom. I love bold, wide stripes on the duvet in this first room. Basic, unfussy, and enough to make the room feel boyish without going overboard.

Via Abodelove

The rug in this Fieldstone Hill design board is the same one we have in the kitchen, so I’m obviously a fan. I’ll also take the curtains, pillows, throws, annnd everything else.

Via Fieldstone Hill

I believe the phrase, “I want to go to there,” is pretty much all I need to say about this next one. Ticking stripe bed and crisp white sheets? Yes, please.

Via Bryn Alexandra

I would love a day of shopping with the wonderful Tommy Smythe. He is welcome to come design a room in our house anytime, even if it means just duplicating this living room.

Via Brynalexandra

Another lovely moodboard that would be a great jumping off point for the future…

Via The Handmade Home

Fresh, lovely striped drapes from Pottery Barn. This little corner is such a breath of fresh air.

Image Via

I love the classic, versatile nature of this pattern. It’s easy to incorporate into any room, and adds a  graphic yet casual element that’s really nice. Bring on the blue and white!

….Except, of course, when we’re talking about sports. In that case, blue and white is for sissies. (I may or may not have deleted the phrase “And cheaters” from the end of that sentence after some deliberation. Trying to take the high road over here. :) )


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