moving right along

As of Thursday, our house is officially s.o.l.d.

The past few weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind, but I’ll try to recap as best I can.

First, back up to about a month ago: we had had several promising showings, and lots of positive feedback. In fact, we were thrilled that everyone that saw the house seemed to love the interior- they had some super sweet compliments to share. But, we had one little problem. Or shall we say, one big problem. Or shall we say, we didn’t have. Ok, enough with the riddles. Notice anything missing from this picture?

Yep. That’s right. Our lovely abode was pretty much perfect in all but one way- we didn’t have a garage.

This was obviously an issue we knew about when we bought the house and probably helped us to get such a good deal in the first place, but it was never really a problem for us, even being the home DIY , car-fixing family that we are. Nevertheless, a garage is a pretty standard feature in most homes in our price range, and even though we priced our home accordingly, it became clear that not all buyers were as comfortable with the situation as we were. So, after lots of talking and praying, we decided over Christmas break that we would take the house off the market in January and build a garage.

To our delight, pretty much immediately after coming to that decision, we had a bunch of showings and ended up getting two offers in the same week, which was such an answer to our prayers for a little competition between buyers. God is so good, people.

After a little back and forth, we selected the offer we were more comfortable with. We were also excited to find out that the buyers’ agent was the mom of a former student that we love and have kept in touch with- it was such a fun surprise!

Here’s where things start to get a little crazy: the offer we accepted had a closing date of three weeks from the day we went under contract.

Even though we knew life would be nothing short of insane for pretty much all of January, we were really happy with a quick closing. If you are familiar with the current market, you know that buyers pretty much have all the power and can walk at what feels like almost any time (not quite, but it feels like it), so we figured the faster the turnaround the smaller the chance of the deal falling through. Also, getting out earlier allowed us to avoid a couple of payments and have cash in hand for our next purchase.

Ok, still with me? The next few weeks went like this: yard sale, packing, patching holes from frames and whatnot, inspection details, moving, looking at houses, figuring out what to do with the dog, finding a place to live post-move, and generally freaking out about the rapidly changing pace of life.

Super busy. Super exciting.

Thankfully, everything went fairly smoothly, and we are happily out of house #2. And now? I’ll share the details of our current residence soon. Here’s a hint: it’s definitely the biggest place we’ve ever lived. :)


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