home sweet holiday inn

Welcome to our new home:

Allow me to give you a tour.

Our kitchen:


 Bedroom /family room/ dining room/ study:

Yep. We are currently living it up at the Holiday Inn. Now that we’ve transitioned out of house #2, we’ve entered into a slightly homeless state for a little while.

For the most part, we resisted the urge to look at houses while ours was on the market because we had no idea how long it would take to sell, and the idea of two mortgages at once wasn’t exactly appealing. Also, cash is king, and we wanted to be able to use the equity from the sale of our house to go toward the purchase of house #3. I feel great about that decision, but there’s just one little snag: now that we’ve sold, we have nowhere to go.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve hit up the MLS in full force, but we’re still looking and praying through where we should go next. The good news is we’re both big fans of looking at houses and discussing the possibilities, the bad news is I stink at waiting. Big time. It’s pretty clear that the Lord is trying to teach me to rest in His timing, goodness, and provision for our family.

So for now, we’re choosing to enjoy all of the wonders that hotel living has to offer and to be thankful for all of the incredible ways God has already provided for us during the transition. For example:

– So many offers from friends to share their homes with us while we look for our next one. Ultimately, we opted for the hotel so we could have a chance to regroup and not worry about stepping on anyone’s toes, but it’s amazing how many people were willing to rearrange their lives to help us when we needed it.

– Cable. Total hotel perk. Plus, House Hunters is significantly more fun when you can compare it to your current life situation.

– Friends who are keeping our dog, invite us over for dinner and let us bring our laundry, and send us home with food for the next day. (our room has a mini-fridge, but that’s it) Seriously amazing. I am overwhelmed by their generosity!

– Clean towels every day. I could get used to this.

– Someone to make the bed while we’re gone.

– Newspaper under our door in the morning.

– Basically no housekeeping responsibilities. Convenient for the third trimester? I’d say so.

– Friends who gave up their Saturday morning to help us move.

– Prayer. LOTS of it. We have totally bombarded family and friends with pleas for various house-related and other random life needs over the past several months, and they have been so gracious to respond by consistently talking to God about us. We have loved seeing His hand at work through this situation, and I have no doubt that the sweet intercession of people we love made a difference.

Although our current situation might not be what we expected, we feel truly blessed to be where we are. We’re looking forward to seeing where this adventure leads us!


2 thoughts on “home sweet holiday inn

  1. Perfect Ari – it is a wonderful season to rest and wait upon the Lord! He is good. Love you and remember you can always come up to the mountains! Love you bunches!

  2. What a cool story, and it will be even cooler to see where God lands you guys. I am proud of you for waiting on God’s perfect timing! Baby Boy Angle will really enjoy hearing about your little adventure someday! Love you!

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