a very happy valentine’s day

Short of the first “date” I went on with my husband on Valentine’s Day of 2005, I think it’s going to be hard to top yesterday. Why?

Because I got to meet this little guy:

Sawyer Benjamin Barnard was born at 8:47 on February 13th. He is 18″ long, and a whopping 9 lbs! (If you have met Abby, who is 5’1″, or her husband Ben, you know that this is quite hilariously unexpected.)

Both mom and baby are doing amazingly well. Abby looks absolutely radiant, and Sawyer? Well, he is just pure baby perfection. (Can we please talk about that hair? Is it not the best baby hair you have seen in your entire life?!)

 We loved getting to stop by and get introduce ourselves to the little man we’ve been waiting 9 months (ok, more like 10 years) to meet. I also loved that while I was holding Sawyer, Baby Angle gave his BFF-to-be a few good kicks in the diaper. :) He’s ready to play already!

Sawyer Benjamin, we are so glad you’re here! We love you!




3 thoughts on “a very happy valentine’s day

  1. What a blessing! Congrats to Abby and Ben :) Praying for ya’ll and these next few weeks and the house search! May God continue to bless you guys!

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