on that note

First of all, are you as excited about this as we are?

Being middle school teachers, we kind of have to be on the Hunger Games bandwagon. Not that it’s hard- Team Peeta all the way. :)

Since we had been on the subject of funny happenings in my life, I thought I’d share one more. Yesterday I found out that a bunch of our students are going to see the movie together during an upcoming teacher workday. I was giving them a hard time about not being invited when one of the boys said, “You wouldn’t be allowed to go anyway.”

When I asked him why not, he, without missing a beat, pointed at my belly and said very matter-of-factly, “PG-13.”

I have a great job. :)

3 thoughts on “on that note

    • Yay!! I love that you’re Team Peeta- if only you lived closer, I would definitely want to plan a double date with you guys to go see it! :)

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