spoiled rotten

It’s official: this baby hasn’t even gotten here yet and he’s already insanely spoiled.

A few weeks ago, the amazing staff at our school surprised us by hosting a baby shower in place of our regular Monday afternoon staff meeting. Everything was so sweet! We enjoyed lots of delicious treats (even better after a crazy day of teaching), opened some adorable presents, and even had a little crafty time (my kind of shower).

For a gift, all of the teachers chipped in to purchase us several meals from Dinner Savvy. I seriously can’t even tell you how perfect of an idea this was! When we first found out we were expecting and I laid out my grand plans for the 9 months ahead, they included spending time making several freezer meals for us to have on hand once the baby got here. Well, that’s not exactly happening at the Best Western. Thankfully, my colleagues are amazing and had the forethought to not only buy us the meals, but also offer a “team” to come assemble them, as well as storage until we have a fridge of our own. Seriously, so thoughtful. We had so much fun assembling meals, and I was amazed at how quickly we were able to whip up so many yummy dishes!

Everyone also signed an adorable print that will hang in the baby’s nursery, but I’ll wait to share a picture until it’s on the wall.

We ended the shower with one of my teammates teaching everyone how to make paper cranes from old book pages. I had seen this idea on a blog, and had mentioned how I would love it for the nursery.

Our school has a partnership with a school in Hiroshima, so paper crane making is sort of an annual tradition. I love that a paper crane mobile will be a sweet reminder of our school, as well as just a super cool piece of art for our little guy to enjoy. I can’t wait to see how it comes together!

angle family shower

So, when you tell people that you’re living in a hotel, it’s pretty common to get some sort of comment about how relaxing that must be. Yes, hotels are relaxing. When you are on vacation. As a home, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, we are so thankful for our temporary home (especially since we recently relocated thanks to a lower rate and now get amazing continental breakfast), but we’ve also been pretty busy trying to find a permanent solution. I’ll give updates later, but for now, I’m just explaining the total boring state of the blog as of late.

Just so I don’t get too behind on things, I thought I’d share some pictures from a super sweet shower that was thrown for us by the Angle family about a month ago.

We all gathered at Zach’s sister’s house in Greensboro, and had a great time catching up and opening presents for the little guy.

My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law did a great job of putting together some delicious treats for everyone to enjoy.

Zach’s aunt, a former PE teacher (his grandma also used to be a PE teacher- it’s sort of a family legacy), did a great job of leading us in some super fun games. We did some Bible baby trivia and old wives’ tale trivia, both which I didn’t fare so well on.

Everyone also got a chance to cut a piece of ribbon that they guessed would be the circumference of my belly. There were some loooong pieces being cut. ;)

While helping to set up for the shower, Zach’s dad cut his hand on a drink dispenser that shattered and ended up getting seven stitches. That’s one great granddaddy- already making sacrifices for his grandson! Thankfully, he made it back from the urgent care in time to see everyone.

We were so thankful for so many wonderful gifts and such great encouragement- this is certainly one blessed little baby!