Hudson’s birth story

Yes, I realize that it has been an eternity since I last posted anything. I would like to blame three little things: 1) the birth of my favorite child on the planet 2) closing on a house exactly 10 days after the birth of said child 3) the lack of Internet in said house.

You know, just your standard spring.

In an effort to fill you in on some of what’s been going on around here, I thought I’d start with my favorite part.

Warning: somewhat yucky hospital pictures to follow. Nothing R-rated, but those of you who cringe at medical shows or can’t handle the word placenta might want to turn back now. ;)

On Monday, April 23rd, Zach accompanied me to my 40-week doctor’s appointment. I had had a non-stress test the week before during which the tech told me she expected the baby to be here by the 22nd (apparently I was having contractions without realizing it), buuut she was wrong. In fact, I went into my appointment fairly confident that no progress was being made and that we would need to go through with the induction that was scheduled for Thursday the 26th.In the car we chatted about what we wanted for dinner and basically shot the breeze.

Our appointment began with another non-stress test,  then we were moved to the ultrasound room. After moving the camera around my belly for a few seconds, our doctor (who we love) proceeded to tell us in about eight different ways how huge our child was. Grrreeaat. Of course, I was thrilled to imagine myself pushing a gigantic watermelon out youknowwhere. Nope, not sounding fun at all.

After closer inspection of the ultrasound, our doctor informed us that our little man was getting bigger than he was comfortable with given his mama’s stature and the condition of the placenta, so we had two options 1) induce (though he was fairly confident I would end up having a C-section) or 2) have a C-section.

I was partial to the idea of a vaginal delivery, so we opted to induce first.

Now let me qualify that statement by noting that I was pretty dang terrified by both options, and the pressure of choosing led me to brief tears. Thankfully, God was so gracious to make things extra clear for us very shortly thereafter.

Since we chose the induction route, our doctor wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. He sent us “home” (aka the Best Western) to get our stuff, then we went straight to the hospital, arriving at about 6:30.

Fairly soon after our arrival, they started me on Pitocin. (This is the face of “I’m sort of scared out of my mind, but also super excited)

While we waited, I read my Bible, then chatted with visitors who came to support us.

While I did feel the strength of my contractions increase, I was only on the Pitocin for about an hour before our sweet boy’s heart rate dropped, and I was hooked up to oxygen. The nurse said it wasn’t really possible to tell whether it was the Pitocin or labor that the baby wasn’t handling well, but in either case, we would be having a C-section. I was somewhat disappointing, but also so relieved that God had granted us clear direction in how this baby was supposed to make his entrance into the world, especially without having to go through 20+ hours of labor before finding out.

The next steps were a complete whirlwind. Our doctor arrived about ten minutes after getting the call about the drop in heart rate, the nurses began getting everything in order, and we made our way to the delivery room. While I was prepped for surgery, Zach was sent to the hallway to don some scrubs. While he waited, he passed the time by taking goofy pictures of himself.

The surgery went wonderfully. Although it wasn’t my first choice, I loved that we got to meet our baby boy less than an hour after we were told I would be having a C-section. Zach stayed by my head and, despite comments from the nurses and our doctor that “the big ones always fall”, managed to keep his composure during the process (even after seeing my intestines…it’s crazy to me that my husband has now seen parts of me that I haven’t). In fact, he even managed to get some pretty amazing pictures while he watched. (Now come the somewhat gross ones. Zach and I are both pretty fascinated by medical stuff, but if you’re not, you might want to stop here.)

This, this is my belly with a baby coming out of it:

And this is the arrival of our precious Hudson Taylor:

Our sweet baby boy, with what has to be the most adorable yell/cry on the planet. Seriously- several hospital staff and friends commented on it. Too cute, I tell you.

Zach cutting the cord:

9 pounds, 8 ounces, 20 inches long

First family photo:

We can’t put into words the joy that this little guy has brought us. We are so thankful to the Lord for His incredible gift of life, and we can’t wait to share this new part of our journey with you!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

3 thoughts on “Hudson’s birth story

  1. Catie Beth and I just read your recap. We love little Hudson and are so thankful Jesus saw fit to grace your lives with his little life!!

  2. I am so happy for you guys and I love sweet Hudson! He’s such an awesome snuggler! Tell him Anna can’t wait to see him again!

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