he’s pretty famous

Aside from the absolute bundle of joy that is our son, one of the most fun things about having a new baby has been all of the amazing love and support we have received from family and friends. What an incredibly fun time! We just got our phone bill from the time around when Hudson was born, and it definitely reflected the love we were feeling. :) Money well spent, in our books! We didn’t get pictures of all of our visitors, but here are a few shots of some people we are confident that Hudson will come to know and love.

Grandaddy (Gramma, I was going to use some of your pictures, but wanted to check with you first :)):


Abby and Ben (side note: can we just reflect on the fact that this girl had a baby a mere 10 weeks before this picture was taken? She is beautiful!):

Robin (who stayed into the wee hours of the night to meet Hudson before boarding a plane to New York. So thankful she could be there!)


Meagan and Tyler (who are now NEWLYWEDS! Woohoo!!):

Ashley and Chuck:

Sonja, Karen, and Meredith:

Tom and Marie:


…and many more friends! We have loved getting to see everyone, and are thrilled that Hudson will be surrounded by such wonderful people. We are truly blessed!


One thought on “he’s pretty famous

  1. Thank you for the sweet comment, and also thank you for not posting the pics from the night before that would have undoubtably proved you to be a liar ;). You are a true friend. Haha. Glad that little man is here! Love him (and you guys, of course)!

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