and also we bought a house

For the past seven weeks we’ve been so preoccupied with this sweet face:

that I keep forgetting to fill you in on house #3!

Yep, it’s finally official: we are homeowners once again.

Before I give you the grand tour, let me just mention that the last several months have been nothing short of a whirlwind, but I also can’t think of a time in my life when the Lord has taught me more about what it means to trust Him.

We moved out of our house on January 26th, and moved into this house around May 5th, giving us a grand total of approximately 101 days of hotel living.

Let’s all take a minute and let that sink in….that’s a lot of mini shampoo bottles.

During our brief period of homelessness, we made offers on approximately eight different homes in six different cities, all of which fell through for various reasons including being outbid, atrocious inspections, questionable business practices, and preposterous negotiations with people halfway across the globe who clearly had no understanding of the market in the Raleigh area.

If you have ever bought a home, you know what an emotional process it can be…add pregnancy to the mix and…well you get the idea. As ready as we were to get settled and as many times when I admitted to having no earthly clue where the Lord wanted us, our season of waiting, combined with some other life events that are currently going on, made for a time of a closer reliance on Christ than I’ve ever experienced. A friend pointed out to me how timely it was that I was learning so much about having absolutely nothing under my control right before diving into parenthood, and I couldn’t agree more. I still have much to learn in the area of wholly leaning on my Savior, but I am so thankful for how He chose to remind me time and time again from January up until now how truly worthy of our trust He is!

On top of learning about relying on Christ, I have also been humbled by the servant’s hearts of the people we are honored to call friends. We have had people invite us over for dinner, let us use their washer/dryers, let us use their homes, bring us meals, and even pay for a cleaning service to make the bathrooms in the new house sparkle. We have received more than we could ever repay, and while I initially really struggled with that idea, it has taught me so much about the love of Christ. We are so thankful for how He uses the body to demonstrate His love to us!

When we finally landed on what is now our home sweet home, it was so sweet to receive such affirmation from the Lord that it is just where He wants us. I can’t wait to share it with you!

I’m hoping to do the blogging process a little bit differently with this house than I’ve done in the past. Whereas other weird situations prevented me from getting to post much other than the finished product with our last house, I’m hoping to document more of the process this time (as much for our sake as for yours). Zach and I were looking through some pictures of our first home renovation the other night, talking about things we had pictures of that we would’ve otherwise forgotten. We’re hoping to preserve some of the memories we’re making in this home by taking more time to post about them. We’re hoping that Hudson will enjoy looking back at the process that made his first house a home!

Admittedly, the lack of Internet and other crazy scenarios has meant that we’ve made some major progress already without getting to document it as it occurred, but I’ll try to backtrack as best I can.

For now, the best place to start is obviously the beginning, so “before” pictures are soon to come! We’re excited to share this new adventure with you!

One thought on “and also we bought a house

  1. God’s grace and peace in you gave you the ability to trust Him during those trials…many people would have fallen apart (including me), but your faith proved true, once again. Thanks for the example, Arielle!! I love you so much!

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