house tour: the befores

Now that I’ve filled you in on a bit of the story behind our new home, here is a peek at what we’re working with:

Living Room:

Dining Room/ Kitchen:

Kitchen/ husband’s torso:

Guest Bedroom:

Hudson’s Room:



Laundry Room:

Master Bedroom/ Husband:


Basement Kitchen:




Ummm yes. We have a LOT of work to do. We joke that every other sentence we utter these days begins with, “We really need to…”.

That being said, we are having SO much fun, and the longer we’re here, the more pumped we get about this place!

8 thoughts on “house tour: the befores

    • Haha yes! That’s so funny! Was it Fuquay United Methodist? That’s the church we bought it from. We’re converting it back into residential. You’ll have to come see the changes once we’re further along!

  1. Ari! Can’t wait to see the updated photos of what you have done thus far!!! It will be beautiful! Wish you could help me!

  2. Aw that’s awesome – YES that’s where I grew up going to church AND going to youth group. So funny to see it as a childcare facility…can’t wait to see it as a home!! Billy and I would love to chat with you and Zach about houses – we need some experienced opinions ;)

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