paint progress

If you payed really close attention in the last post, you may have noticed something. Our main living area walls have gone from this:

To this:

We went with Benjamin Moore’s Dove Wing in the kitchen, dining room, and living room, and are really happy with the way it turned out. We loved the color when we used it in the guest bedroom in our last house, so we chose it without even testing a sample. Blindly buying paint isn’t something I would normally recommend given the fact that colors can change so much with the light, but the ever-changing nature of this color was what we liked about it in the first place, so we figured we were safe. Thankfully, things worked out really well.

We love that this color sometimes looks white, sometimes gray, and sometimes tan. We’re often asked what color it is, mostly because people have a hard time pinning it down into one category, which I like. Since I figured that one solid color was the best bet for the open plan of our living space, I like that this one is so versatile.

The funny thing about moving into a new house is that lots of people love to ask you what colors you’re going with. If, like me, you grew up during the Trading Spaces era where white walls were blasphemy and dumping sand on the floor was perfectly acceptable (Hildi, anyone?), you feel sort of goofy saying exciting colors like white, cream, and tan.

But here’s the reality: I love neutrals. I also love color, which is why every room in our first house was something different (green, yellow, tan, blue, chalkboard paint, and teal), but the more places we live in, the more I realize that I just like calm, subtle tones for our house. As a result, we’re going with much more subdued paint choices this time around.

We actually opted to hire a professional to paint the main living space, purely because it’s huge and with everything else on our plates, we didn’t feel like messing with it. We love a good DIY opportunity, but we also like trying new things, and we figured that since we painted every single wall in our last house, we have proven to ourselves that we’re capable of painting. It was so nice to just tell someone else the color and watch the walls magically transform.

While the painter was here, he also scraped and painted the ceilings in the main living area (we removed the popcorn ourselves in our last house and loved the difference that it made- if you have the opportunity, do it. Super inexpensive, pretty easy, huge difference.) painted some of the trim and doors, and painted our kitchen cabinets. The kitchen has been the area that has received the most updating so far, and I’m looking forward to sharing pictures soon.

Since I can’t think of a good way to wrap things up, and no post these days is complete without a cute baby picture, I’ll leave you with a shot of the best snuggler in the history of the universe:


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