kitchen chronicles: poles, pools, pulls

One of our favorite kitchen updates (probably because it’s cheap and easy- a winning combination), is replacing dated hardware to something that’s a little more “us”. The hardware in our kitchen wasn’t horribly offensive to begin with, but the white porcelain knobs blended in with the cabinets a little too much and definitely gave off more of an 80s vibe than we were going for.

Thankfully, we were on the same page about what we wanted- oil rubbed bronze knobs for the cabinets, and bin pulls (or cup pulls, as some people refer to them) for the drawers. We think having two different types of hardware gives things a more custom look, and we both really like pulls.

What we were not on the same page about, however, is how to pronounce the word “pull”. In fact, it initially created a bit of confusion in the Angle house. Apparently, I pronounce this word more like “pole”, while Zach leans more to the “pool” side. We have now said this word so many times that I’m not even sure what it means anymore.

Regardless of how it’s pronounced, we decided to pick out pulls before knobs, given the fact that bin pulls can have a very specific style to them, and the matching process would be easier. I wanted to find something with a straight edge, mostly because the half-moon pulls can be a little bulky. While the substantial size can look great in the right setting, since we’re working with a fairly confined galley kitchen, I wanted something a little more streamlined.

I quickly learned an unfortunate lesson: bin pulls are pricey. Like, $500 for what we needed pricey. (At least the style I was looking for is. You can find the curved bin pulls much more affordably- I like these from Overstock.) Umm, $500 for hardware is not happening. So, I spent lots of time scanning the Interwebs trying to find a cost-effective option in a style I liked.

Finally, while looking for curtains, I stumbled upon these little beauties from Anthropologie. I know what you’re thinking. Anthropologie is a great place to look if you want to find one or two beautiful knobs and don’t mind paying $12 apiece, not such a great place when you need 30 of something.

Thankfully, they were on clearance for $2.95- an even better price than several of the options we looked at when we visited Lowes and Home Depot. Score.

One sort of weird thing about these particular knobs is that they don’t come with screws to mount them. Thankfully, using the metallic brown spraypaint from Rustoleum, we were able to achieve basically a perfect match.

Since the previous drawers had knobs instead of pulls, our painter patched the drawers before painting the cabinets so Zach could drill new holes for the new hardware.

(Yes, this was the state of our kitchen for several weeks. Pictures like these remind us of how thankful we are to be making progress around here!)

For the cabinets, we went with simple mushroom knobs from Lowes.

The new hardware definitely helps bring the cabinets up to date. We love how such a small change can make such a big impact!


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