year(ish) in review

Oh, hello, December.

Let’s cut to the chase- I haven’t blogged in 50 million years because our computer bit the dust. Yes, the computer that contains basically every picture I have taken of this sweet baby boy in his first seven months of life. The computer has been replaced, and we have a friend who says he can rescue our pictures, so I am holding off on the freak-out.

But, here we are. Remember when I thought I was going to be able  to give you a play-by-play of all of the renovations as they happened? HA! Clearly wishful thinking. Instead, I’ll attempt to catch you up on life around here.

Zach recently uploaded all of his phone pictures to the new computer, and it was so much fun to look through them and remember the past year (plus a few months). It certainly has been a whirlwind! So, here come lots of pictures:

iphone 026Waiting to find out if we were having a boy or a girl…my sweater choice isn’t an indication of any guess, but I’m glad I was dressed appropriately for the occasion. :)

iphone 033“It’s a boy!” celebratory dinner at Outback

iphone 034Sweet surprise from our waitress

iphone 044Paper crane making for staff baby shower

iphone 06039 weeks- the last of the belly shots. When I saw this the other day, it absolutely made me gasp. That. belly. is. HUGE!!! Crazy how quickly I’ve forgotten this stage (there’s probably a reason for that).

iphone 084

Tiny baby. That sweet little hand!

iphone 090

2 weeks old, first trip to Waffle House. He is his father’s son.

iphone 095

When our baby was 2 weeks old, this is what our kitchen was looking like. At the time, it was just life. Now, this picture sort of gives me heart palpitations. Thankful for God’s grace in getting us through the craziness!

iphone 134Zach walked out to the shed one afternoon and discovered this cuteness.

iphone 138

Love this little man.

iphone 152Dressed up for Meagan and Tyler’s wedding.

iphone 185For a while, this was the only way to get him to nap.

iphone 186Think he’ll let me continue to dress him up as various animals for the next 18 years?

iphone 192

For the ladies. :)

More to come! In the meantime, happy weekend!


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