more where that came from

And the photo dump continues! Picking up where we left off:

iphone 194Saying his prayers.

iphone 224Boppy lounging.

iphone 244Helping find some things for the church office. (Don’t worry- this is a before shot)

iphone 253Some men buy their wives chocolate. My husband says things like, “Maybe I could build that for you.” Knows the way to my heart.

iphone 292When he was tiny, diaper changes were a highlight of his day. Seriously, they made him so happy!

Please enjoy the progression of the next three photos. (Please also excuse the goofy camera angle.)

iphone 299iphone 301

iphone 303

Makes us laugh every time.

iphone 340Hiking buddies.

iphone 346Playtime in matching shirts.

iphone 387Fun at Gramma and Granddaddy’s house.

iphone 441Wedding rehearsal with my men in the Court of the Carolinas. Best ceremony location ever? Yes.

iphone 372Our phones are filled with lots of riveting pictures like this one of the garage roof, all so we can take them to Home Depot/Lowes/ various tradespeople and ask, “How do I fix this and what’s it going to cost me?”

iphone 494 Hi, little boy. I will hug you. Also, thanks for not caring about the pink floral blanket.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little roundup from the randomness that is life through the phone!


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