little lion man

I realize that it’s a little strange to be doing a Halloween post days before Christmas, but I realized that I never shared pictures of Hudson in his costume, so here we are.

I had full intentions of making his costume myself, but when I found this little lion getup at a consignment sale, I couldn’t pass it up. I love lions (my name means Lioness of God- yes, I know that’s weird), and this thing was just so stinkin snuggly!

Here’s our sweet little man celebrating his first Halloween:

iphone 438

032One of the things we love about our new town is that they are always hosting community events. The businesses on our Main Street hosted a trick or treat for families, and we had a great time walking around with some friends and their little girl. Not only was this Hudson’s first time trick-or-treating, it was mine too! We both had a great time. :)

iphone 439

Yes, that is the bag for the nursing cover in my hand. Yes, I was using it as Hudson’s trick-or-treat bag. Yes, I was an unprepared trick-or-treating newb. Lesson learned. :)

Enjoy your last-minute Christmas preparations!


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