basement progress: demolition derby

Happy 2013! 

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break with lots of time to snuggle this little man:

ImageWe also spent some time working on the basement which, I am happy to report, is so close to being finished! 

Obviously I’m a little behind on blogging about the process, but I’m going to attempt to get you up to speed.

First, let’s start with a little before photo. Warning: you may want to grab your sunglasses.


Since we are hoping to use the space as a rental, our original plan was to keep costs down as much as possible by painting the cabinets (as much as we loved the primary colors :)) and replacing the countertops. However, when my dad was meeting with a local kitchen company to discuss his own renovation plans, they told him that they were looking to get rid of one of their display units.

We spent a good deal of time crunching numbers, evaluating the options, and doing some space planning with painter’s tape.


The new cabinets would require a different layout than the old kitchen, but after a late-night brainstorming session, Zach, my dad, and I figured out a plan we were happy with. We were able to purchase the new cabinets at an amazing discount and my dad and his wife paid for a portion as Zach’s birthday present, so we were super excited about the great deal!

Obviously, before the new kitchen could come in, the old kitchen had to go out. Even though this is our third house and they’ve all had their fair share of projects, the basement has involved more demo than anything else we’ve done.

Good thing we don’t mind making a mess. :)

As much as I was itching to rip down that ugliness that I spent  so many hours staring at, Hudson and I just spectated while Zach and my dad did this:



And found gems like this:

ImageIn addition to the cabinet craziness, we also had a bit of a ceiling situation going on in the basement. The old ceiling tiles had lots of tiny dents in them (we think the result of being hit with pool cues by teenagers), the fluorescent lights were terrible….it was bad. 


So, my trusty husband took care of those issues once and for all:

ImageClearly we are putting safety first around here.

In the process, we developed quite a trash pile.

ImageThankfully, that pile of ugly meant that we were preparing the way for a serious spruce-up!



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