basement progress: the middle

A while ago, the wonderful John and Sherry did a post on “the middle” that made me want to jump through the computer and hug them. Mostly because I have spent the last several months living in the middle, and, like they say, sometimes it makes no sense.

Before pictures are fun. Demo is fun. Afters are SUPER fun. The in-between? Not as much fun.

Don’t get me wrong. We don’t hate the nitty gritty work (if we didn’t we wouldn’t be on round three of the house spruce-ups), but there is definitely a point when things feel a little more like work and a little less like play. Like this:

ImageThat is a picture of my dad reinstalling cinder block in the hole that he and Zach cut so that they could reconfigure the electrical and plumbing to prepare for the new kitchen layout. 


That is a picture of our bare ceiling as Zach worked on wiring the recessed lighting.

Will anyone be pinning these pictures anytime soon? I think not. Because this part of the renovation process isn’t very pretty. But, in order to get to the fun part, it has to be done. 

The new layout looks and functions so much better than the previous one did, but it certainly took lots of time and effort to get there.

We needed to move the sink, add a washer/dryer, add a dishwasher, add an ice maker connection, add outlets, and add recessed lighting. Technical and tedious.

My dad was awesome to drive down after work several nights, and he and Zach spent a lot of time getting everything done. While they cut apart the wall, I put Hudson to bed. (Because nothing says “Sweet dreams, little baby” like taking a saw to concrete block in the room directly below. Thankfully, they were able to take care of everything during the mytinybabysleepsthroughanything stage, and it never bothered him.)

Zach, who has been a little reluctant to tackle electrical work since a minor mishap at our first house, figured out how to wire for 15 new can lights and even installed new circuit breakers. I married a stud.

All of these little changes add up to lots of time and energy, but we’re thankful that they’re done so we can start getting to the fun part.

We’re also thankful for all of our family and friends who have put up with us during this “middle” process. It feels like every other sentence out of our mouths when we show people around is, “We still have lots of work to do,” (we don’t want them to start thinking that hoarding quarter-round in the master bedroom and having giant holes in the wall is part of our decorating style), but everyone has been so gracious to visualize the potential with us (or at least pretend to ;)).


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