kitchen/dining room reveal (well, progress)

Happy Saturday from the Angle house!

Zach is in some post-licensing classes for real estate this weekend, which means Little Man and I are home holding down the fort.

Thankfully, he’s napping (let me stress the thankfully– the whole afternoon nap idea has been lost on him as of late), leaving me some time to update you on some of the changes around here. An update on our updates, if you will.

I loved reading Jenny’s recent post about not waiting until things are perfect to share spaces in her home. I’ve been struggling with this same concept lately. I’ve shared that most of our house is in the “middle” stage (which makes no sense) and, as a result, I’ve been a little reluctant to share pictures.

We have a prioritized master list of projects we’d like to complete around here. Basically, Phase 1 is stuff we want to get done right away for health/safety/finance reasons, Phase 2 is stuff that will make things feel more like home, Phase 3 is stuff we’d love to get around to, and Phase 4 is in our dreams. We’re not completely stuck to a timeline (some Phase 2 things are already done because it just made sense to do them now), but there are definitely fun (aka prettifying) projects that are getting put on the back burner in lieu it’s more wise to do first. Ahh, life as an adult.

All this to say, when people come to our house for the first time, we spend a lot of time saying, “Eventually, we’d like to add this here, and change that over there…,”so on, and so forth.So, I loved Jenny’s perspective on embracing the process and the (sometimes slow) journey of building a home. Because this is it! Whether you’re living in new construction or a former youth center you’re trying to convert back into a house (anyone else out there?), the reality is, there will always be things to do, so we might as well keep it real and stop waiting for perfection.

Which leads me to some pictures! (Yes, wordy intro, I know.)

I shared some of our kitchen updates here, here, and here, but most of the pictures were facing into the kitchen. I never got around to showing you what we did from this view:

111Any guesses?

Of course, those upper cabinets needed to go. As you can tell from the headless husband standing in the dining room, they were seriously obstructing the view in our otherwise open floorplan. Thankfully, the kitchen has tons of storage (we’re not even using the pantry for food because we have plenty of space for it elsewhere), so taking away a few cabinets wouldn’t detract from the functionality.

There was also the issue of the patchwork quilt that was our flooring:



Basically, it was a hot mess.

Thankfully, we’ve made some progress! Here is the current state of our kitchen/ dining room:










We still have plans for several more updates, but for now, we’re really enjoying the changes! Details coming soon!





3 thoughts on “kitchen/dining room reveal (well, progress)

  1. I think your kitchen and dining room look awesome! I can’t even see anything else that needs to be done! Of course, I know in my own home I see tons I would like to do that no one else sees. I guess when you see a space every day your mind is always seeing ways to tweak things to make them better. I think you are doing an amazing job!

    • Thanks so much, Lynne! You’re definitely right- I think we’re always more critical of our own spaces. We’re enjoying working on it!

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