living room progress

As you may have noticed when I posted the pictures of our kitchen/ dining room, we have also been doing a little updating to the living room. These rooms were an obvious priority given the fact that they are where we spend the most time. Like everything around here, this room isn’t done yet, but that isn’t stopping us from enjoying it!

living room

living room2


As you can see from the pictures, the living room is open to the kitchen and dining room (which is one thing we love about this house), so it was important to me that the rooms relate to one another visually. By using similar colors and textures, we were able to help maintain consistency throughout the space. Hudson is a big fan of the open floorplan  baby marathons crawling from room to room are a regular occurrence around here.

Some of the furniture in this room were things that we had at our previous house, and some of it we switched out to better work with the new layout. Details coming soon!


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