sometimes i think my heart might explode

Please be advised: sappy mom post where I talk about how fast my baby is growing and how much I love him coming up. Ok, consider yourselves warned.

The one year mark is just a little over a month away, and it’s so hard to believe. Thankfully, as much as I reminisce about the newborn stage, I really do love each new stage as much as (or more than) the last. Hudson is into everything these days, and is definitely understanding how to play. He makes us laugh all the time, and some days it feels like Zach and I are just on one big baby high. (Lest you think it’s all utopia around here, let me also add that some nights we have found ourselves yelling,“Why can’t you just go to SLEEP?”, or wondering how many times we will have to pry him off of the trashcan/vacuum/ dishwasher before he learns, so please be assured that our little world is far from perfect- its just way more fun to blog about the cute stuff.)

We are loving seeing little bits of his personality emerge. Although he usually goes into serious mode whenever we get the camera out, we managed to get a couple of fun videos recently (ok, the first video is from over a month ago… maybe I’m extending the scope of “recently”). Nothing too exciting- really just daily life stuff, but we love watching this little guy grow, and hopefully they’ll make you smile!

This first one’s a little bit blurry, but it shows one of the little man’s favorite games as of late- hide and go seek underneath the dining room table. :)

This one shows you some of the baby babble that’s been going on around here recently. Favorite “words” these days are zaza (Zoe) and dada (of course). Seriously, I wish I could bottle this voice:

And finally, someone clearly loves his bath:


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