living room details, part 1

Now that you’ve seen the current state of our living room, here are the details (just like the kitchen post, I’ve already covered some of these things, but I’m listing it all here just to simplify things).


Walls- Benjamin Moore Dove Wing

Trim- Sherwin Williams Westhighland White

(Here’s a link to the paint post.)

083Couches: Pottery Barn Basic (via Craigslist)

From our first visit to this house, I knew that I would want parallel couches for the living room. I loved the sectional we used in our former living room, but the windows, fireplace, and entrance to this room wouldn’t really allow for the l-shape to function well. We still had the PB Basic sofa from our previous fireplace room, so I started to search Craigslist hoping to find a match (I wasn’t worried about the slipcover since I could just switch it out).

I found this one the weekend before Hudson was born. Zach and I drove to Durham the day after my due date to pick it up, and we stored it in some friends’ garage while we waited to close on the house. It ended up being perfect, because we were able to use it in the basement while all of our other stuff was still in storage. The only issue left to solve was the mismatched slipcovers.

When my dad got married this summer and he and moved into his wife’s house, they generously offered us lots of furniture. He had the same couch (which we found for him on Craigslist a while ago) with a tan slipcover (which I preferred over the white given the addition of a certain little man to this household).

Long story short(ish), we sold the white couch and moved my dad’s couch into the living room. The two slipcovers aren’t the same (one is the Brushed Canvas in Walnut and I think the other is Twill in either Walnut or Caramel), but it’s really hard to tell the difference. I would love to one day switch them out for something a little bit lighter, but that is definitely not a priority right now.

As far as my review of these couches goes, I’m a huge fan. I’ve run the slipcovers through the wash on multiple occasions, and it’s such a nice feeling to be able to freshen things up that way. They’re really comfortable, and seem to be holding up well.

To avoid making you read a short novel this afternoon, I’ll share more details in another post!


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