living room details, part 2

In case you’re getting caught up:

Here is our living room.

Here is the first set of details.

Ok, moving on…


Suitcase: yard sale

Letter and Lardbucket: Shipshewana Flea Market

Chair: Raleigh flea market (please ignore the fact that we have to repair the seat since my husband stepped his giant foot through it using it as a stool :))

Suitcase: yard sale (I love the unique size and the fact that it still has old RDU (our local airport) tags

Table: moving sale

This table was totally one of those things that let me know that the Lord cares about the minutia of my life. I saw it for $25, loved it, brought it home, and discovered it was the perfect size for our little corner and the perfect solution for a convenient/discrete place to store the computer. What a great gift! (Yes, I know He has bigger things to care about, but I’m thankful that He can care about big, important things and little, silly things all that the same time.)

Candle: clearance at Anthropologie, but it’s the Blythe and Bonny Honey Almond candle (still sold here). Y’all. This candle is intoxicating. As in, I rarely light it because I want it to last forever, but Zach and I will both randomly be sitting in the living room and one of us will say “What smells so good?!?” and then realize that we’d just caught a whiff of it. Seriously, I want to eat it.

089Lamp: made by my dad with some posts I found at the flea market

Typewriter: flea market

Side table: $5 at a local school sale

Curtains: Ikea Ritva in white (two things: 1) I think the price has gone up since we got them, but it’s still a great price for a pair of curtains. 2) You can now buy these ONLINE?!? Hooray for online Ikea ordering!) These were obviously much less of an investment than our dining room curtains, but we’ve been really happy with them. I’m considering adding trim someday, but for now I’m liking the simplicity.


092Cash Register: estate sale (details here)


109Books: The Chronicles of Narnia in Michael’s frames (details here)

Rug: Dash and Albert Blue Heron Stripe

Hoosier Cabinet: Craigslist

*Trunk: moving sale

*Dolly: My parent’s first house was a major renovation project (totally in the genes) and there was an old grist mill on the property. The dolly and the large scale in the dining room were some of the items that they saved from the mill. Things like these have a special place in my heart!

*Please excuse the Christmas decorations. These pictures were taken a while ago, but I promise it’s looking much more springy around here now.

Next up are chair details!


2 thoughts on “living room details, part 2

  1. I stumbled across your blog via instagram and recognized your name from church. LOVE your blog and your style! Thanks for the inspiration! Next time we’re in the noisy baby room, we should geek out about house stuff! Haha! :)

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