hudson, a hedgehog, and a hard drive

So, for whatever reason, we seem to be in a season of things breaking around here. Our lawn mower and mixer both pooped out, we had a leaky pipe, and there is also sediment mysteriously getting into our bathtub water. All of these things were preceded by the crashing of our hard drive a few weeks ago.

Yes, the hard drive that had tons of pictures of Hudson’s first year on it. That were not backed up. On the same computer that had broken earlier in the year, which we were planning on buying an external hard drive for, but didn’t rush, because what are the chances of that happening again so soon?

I realize that in the grand scheme of things, they are just pictures, and I have it pretty good if that’s my biggest problem. But still. Pictures of my growing baby boy, that will never be a tiny baby again…you get the picture. Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The good news is, that in the midst of all of these issues, when my head is spilling and, to be honest, it feels like we’re bleeding money, we continue to learn about leaning on the Lord for provision, knowing that He is infinitely wise and good and always has our best in mind (even if it isn’t the sunshine and rainbows seamless route we were hoping for). So thankful that I can cling to that truth, and for seasons that remind me that I am not in control!

As a happy ending to this little saga, a good friend (the same one who fixed our computer the first time) was able to restore everything that was lost (even after the Dell people told us it would probably be impossible). So thankful for generous, compassionate, tech-savvy friends and the fact that we can still enjoy things like this:

Needless to say, I don’t think “pet hedgehog” will be on Hudson’s Christmas list anytime soon.


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