my baby is one: hudson’s weekly photos

So, it happened. Hudson turned one a couple of weeks ago, and we celebrated on Saturday with the help of family and friends.


We had so much fun celebrating his first year of life! I’ll post more pictures of the party soon, but today I thought I’d share a little project we’ve been working on for the past year.

First of all, when I saw the awesome weekly photo project that John and Sherry of Young House Love whipped up for their daughter, Clara, I was totally smitten. I loved everything about their idea and would’ve totally implemented it for Hudson, except for the fact that a) I know nothing about Photoshop and b) I don’t have 52 fabrics.

So, I came up with a little alternative that we ended up loving. Every week for the past year, I’ve taken a picture of Hudson and come up with a caption to describe something unique about that week. The captions were meant to give a little snapshot into his first year of life- things we were doing as a family (like living in a hotel), things he was accomplishing (like standing), things that were going on in the world (like the presidential election), and other significant events (like Christmas).

Zach and I love how it turned out! It makes us happy to have a fun overview of the past 52 weeks, and a special keepsake for Hudson that, years down the road, will give him a glimpse into what life was like back in 2012/2013.

Side note: this was one of the things that I thought had been lost in the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2013, and by far the thing I was most upset about. So thankful that we were able to get it back!!

So, here are 52 pictures of my favorite little man (I’ll probably divide them into several posts to keep things from getting overloaded):

1 week home sweet holiday inn

2 weeks hanging out on the new carpet

3 weeks camping out in the basement4 weeks bundled up for movies by moonlight5 weeks first visit to exploris6 weeks moving in7 weeks new cloth diapers8 weeks first trip to the beach9 weeks enjoying the new hardwoods10 weeks first 4th of july11 weeks new countertops and handmade gifts from a sweet friend


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