basement progress

Alternate post title: that time we finished the basement and then I forgot to blog about it. So yeah. The basement has been up and running for several months now, but in the general bustle of life, it keeps slipping my mind to do a blog update. In case you need a reminder, we started with this colorful crazytown: 035The hilarious thing is, I’m not even sure this picture does justice to the madness. It appears much cleaner in this picture than it actually was. No, seriously. There’s a reason that playmat was being stored on top of the chairs, people. You can see more before photos here and here. Now, after replacing the cabinets, ceiling, and lights, coming up with a new floorplan, adding a shower and washer/dryer, and having everything painted, we have this: 034014015019020023 024The kitchen cabinets are much nicer than any of the cabinets we’ve ever had. Divided compartments, lazy susan, spice rack, and hanging storage for utensils…seriously awesome. 025 027 029 026041 032As you might remember, our primary goal in getting the basement finished was so we would be able to rent it out for a while and generate some extra income. We were thrilled that the day we listed it on Craigslist, we were bombarded with a constant stream of phone calls and e-mails from prospective renters. The interest was incredible, and it allowed us to be pretty picky with who we decided to rent to. Our current renter has been in for a couple of months, and things are working out wonderfully. It’s such an awesome testimony to of the Lord’s provision that He led us to a house where we have been able to do this! Of course, we are excited about the idea of someday taking the basement back to use for our family. You know my husband is dreaming of a man cave, and thankfully I think I’ve landed on a plan that’ll make us both happy. What a fun place for us to share with family and friends someday down the road! For now, our little family of three has plenty of space upstairs, so we’re happy to give up the space for a while. We have had so much fun watching the basement come together! Now that it’s done, we’re enjoying working on a few upstairs projects that I’m looking forward to sharing with you!


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