that time we finished a project and i actually blogged about it

We have loved getting things done around here and making this place feel more like us. However, it feels like lately that free time becomes an either/or decision as far as getting things done or blogging about them are concerned. Thankful for friends on Instagram who kicked me into gear a little bit!

You may have noticed in the kitchen photos, that we’ve been living with a giant patch of spackled wall over the peninsula for…a long time. Before it was a spackle patch, it was a hole where the wiring from the old cabinetry was located, and before it was a hole, it was this:


When Zach and I were at a local stone retailer looking at countertops, we both loved the barnboard look of one of the displays. When we talked with one of the designers there, she mentioned that it had been made with old pallet boards and that it had been a relatively simple process. Of course, once we found out that it had the trifecta of cute, cheap, and easy, we were sold.

We mentioned to my dad that we were wanting to do a pallet accent wall in our kitchen, so when he and his wife saw some at a jobsite in their neighborhood, they asked if they could take a few for us. My dad did us a favor by disassembling the pallets before bringing them to us, making our job even easier. We ended up needing one more, and thankfully we had a couple on hand from the big shipment of flooring and other home improvement stuff last summer.

The only part of this project that we had to shell out money for was a quart of black paint. When we talked to the designer, she told us that the installers had painted the wall black before hanging the boards. That way, any gaps caused by irregularities in the boards wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re considering this project for yourself, I highly recommend this step. Tiny cracks are inevitable, and it really helps everything to look more polished. Also, since the sides of our wall are open, I decided to stop the paint a little bit back from the edge to avoid sloppy corners.One nice thing as far as the budget is concerned is that we were able to go with the cheapest paint. Since it’s hardly visible and won’t receive any wear and tear, we didn’t have to worry about quality.


Installation of this project was so exciting because it was one of the fastest, most visual projects we’ve done in a while, which was so much fun! Zach hung everything while Hudson and I supervised. He used a nail gun to secure everything, and checked to make sure each board was level before hanging it. On the off chance that one of the boards wasn’t level after being hung, he was happy to discover that the 1.25″ brads were pretty forgiving as far as ripping it out and reattaching it went.

We love the warmth and character that the wood brings to the kitchen area. Definitely worth the effort!

024 020

We were also so excited to see how well it tied in with the tone of the dining room table.


The new wall also makes the view from the living room a little more fun.


You also may have noticed the new light fixtures that my studly husband hung. The fact that he wired for these himself (as opposed to just swapping out existing fixtures) is just another picture of how he’s challenged himself and improved his skills with this house. So proud of that guy!


As far as the fixtures go, we’re really happy with how they turned out. I considered going with different styles over the table and peninsula, but since everything is so open and relatively close, I thought it looked better to use things that coordinated with each other. We went with two Allen + Roth 12″ w Edison Style Mission Bronze pendant lights over the peninsula and the Allen + Roth 36″ w Edison Style 3 Light Mission Bronze Island Light over the table. I think the price has gone up on the pendants since we got them, but they’re still a pretty affordable option, and we’ve been really happy with them. We love the toned-down mood lighting of the Edison bulbs, but our lights are located in areas that are more about dining, less about eating. If you’re looking for task lighting, you’ll probably need to switch out the bulbs.

It’s so much fun to watch this space come together step by step. I’m looking forward to sharing more of our progress with you!


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