Our Home


Dining Room

Family Room

5 thoughts on “Our Home

  1. Love what you’ve done with your house! What color is the paint on the kitchen wall? I’m going to use that somewhere in my house!! I’m thinking of the downstairs half-bath.

  2. I have honey oak that I have been wanting to paint white for awhile now. White is HARD to choose. Funny thing is, I think out of SW’s whites I like the westhighland color too and even brought home a samples today. I then read you color matched SW westhighland and bought Valspar. Why did you choose valspar over SW proclassic paint? I read all over the internet that BM Advance paint is wonderful, but the nearest store is 3 hours from me. I am left to choose from Behr, SW, and Valspar. Can you give me some more insight to why you choose Valspar? Thank you.

    • Great question, but unfortunately my answer isn’t too exciting. :) We chose Valspar because we thought it would be cheaper, and because we had tons of 10% off coupons at Lowes, which meant we were there more often. We ended up being happy with the results, but I’m not sure what the difference is. Our painter used SW paint in our current house and it’s nice too, but I haven’t noticed much of a difference in the finished product (I’m thinking that there might be a difference in the application). I’m sure whatever you choose will turn out beautifully!

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